Hotel And Restaurant

Guangzhou Shaxi International Hotel Articles City specializes in Hotel supplies, including ceramic tableware, glassware, restaurant layout, catering supplies, room supplies, kitchen equipment, food machinery, stainless steel products, cleaning supplies, hardware and electrical appliances, bedding and other 11 series of hotel supplies, hundreds of thousands of products.

Guangzhou Shaxi International Hotel Articles City aims to build the first brand in the wholesale market of hotel supplies and equipment in China. Through the active promotion of exhibitions, e-commerce and trade associations, we will strengthen exchanges and cooperation with large purchasing groups at home and abroad, provide accurate and fast business information for businesses, and expand the purchasing and selling fields. With the further improvement of soft service facilities such as intelligent management system and the continuous strengthening of comprehensive strength, Guangzhou Shaxi International Hotel Articles City wholesale "aircraft carrier" will be well-known in the world.

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